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Water scale will definitely destroy your pipes –


will definitely destroy water scale!!!

water scale in water pipes
water treatment device AntiCa++

We all know that hard water creates water scale that damages home pipelines and other home appliances.

Some implications of water scale presence are visible:

  • every day - clogged kettle, deposits in the bathroom (on tiles, on faucets)
  • when something breaks down - broken electric boiler or washing machine.

Why does the water scale exist?

Water scale is created when there is a change in one or both factors:

  • temperature of hard water but also
  • pressure of hard water.

The proof can be seen in
hard water scale deposits in kettle but also in the flushing mechanism of toilet. Therefore every change in the pipe direction (bends, ...) and in the diameter (reduction from wider to thinner), which creates so called hydraulic resistance, causes water turbulances and the loss of pressure.

With water scale protection AntiCa++

The most serious problem comes when the water scale deposits clog water pipelines in the house!

In such a case it is necessary to replace all water pipes!!!

After many years of using it happens to both types of pipes, to hot and cold water pipes.
Without the right protection nobody can avoid such progress, especially old family or flat house.

However, it is possible to prevent the water scale. How?

References - water treatment

AntiCa++ device

removes old water scale deposits and
at the same time prevents the formation of new ones.

See the power of AntiCa++!

water scale removed by AntiCa++

The water scale forms deposits in places like the needle and membrane of flushing mechanism of toilet or closing valves. Unfortunately, such deposits in pipes are not visible. When they appear it is already late. It is very difficult to find the place of the trombus and in many cases it is practically impossible.

Deposits of water scale are
visible the most on the following places:
- in
- on
- on the
tiles in the kitchen
- on the washed dishes
- in the
swimming pool

deposits of water scale inside the main pipes

Also hidden water scale and its deposits means a great risk in your:
washing machine
- coffee machines

massage bathtub
shower box
main pipings etc.

Pipes clogged by water scale deposits will be cleaned by the hard water treatment of AntiCa++ device with the neodymium magnets!!!

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